How do I play on my mobile device?

Q - How do I play on my Android device?

A - If you are in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the Philippines, you should receive a notification that Mobile is available for download from the Google Play Store. Or, if your setting is enabled to allow it, it will automatically download when available. Remember that this is only for the first 5,000 players who signed up, so if you’re in one of these regions and is still unavailable, you may have to wait until we expand to a wider audience.

If you are outside one of these regions, don’t despair! We don’t have an exact timeline just yet, but we’ll post another announcement once for Mobile becomes available in more countries.


Q - How do I play on my iOS device?

A - is only available on to a very limited audience on iOS at this time. Please see our Discord for more information. You can join our Discord here: 

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