How do I make a purchase?

In, we have a premium currency called Star Fragments. Players can purchase Star Fragments in the Astral Shop with real money and use them to purchase the Premium Pass for the current season. 

1. Open the Astral Shop by clicking the Light Blue Constellation icon at the top-right of the screen near the World icon.


2. Once you are in the Astral Shop, click the Star Fragments icon, click the More Info button on the purchase you want to make.


3. Then, click the cost button at the bottom.

4. A Checkout page will open in your web browser. Fill in the billing information and confirm the purchase.

Once your purchase is complete, you will be redirected to a webpage with details regarding your purchase. This same information will be emailed to you as well. You will need to provide this information if you need to verify your account or if you encounter an issue with your purchase. You will also see a prompt in-game awarding your purchased item.

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