How do I fix the "No mountable files system" error?

This issue typically occurs on Mac devices running an OS of 10.12 or lower. Keep in mind that minimum requirements for a Mac is OS 10.13 and up. Make sure your OS is fully updated and try to play again.

If you are running a Mac with 10.13 or higher and the issues is still occurring, follow the steps below:

  1. Uninstall
  2. Download this installer:
  3. Continue based upon which browser you use:
    • Chrome:
      1. Download will pop up in the bottom-left.
      2. Click the download in the bottom-left of the window. This will unzip and open a new Finder window to the Downloads folder where the .app has been unzipped.
      3. Run the
    • Safari:
      1. Safari will download to your taskbar and automatically unzip. It also animates it moving down to the Downloads button on your hot bar.
      2. Click the Downloads button in your hot bar.
      3. Run the
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