Season Pass FAQ

Q. What is the Feral Season Pass?
A. The Season Pass is a great way to earn cool cosmetic rewards just by playing Feral! The more you play, the more stuff you unlock. Find our even more information here.

Q. How does a Season Pass work?
A. It’s all about the Aura Points! You accumulate Aura Points by completing Challenges of all sorts, then use your Aura Points to unlock Tiers that have various rewards in them. There are 100 tiers to unlock in all!

Q. How do I get the Season Pass?
A. Everyone already has the Season Pass! Click the Purple Ticket icon in the upper right-hand corner in order to view your Challenges and Rewards.

Q. How long is a Season?
A. Each Season is about 2 to 3 months long.

Q. Does the Season Pass expire?
A. Yes, each Season Pass lasts as long as the Season itself. When the Season ends, the Pass expires.

Q. Do I keep my rewards after the Season ends?
A. Yes! You keep whatever rewards you unlock, permanently.

Q. What if I get the pass later in the Season? Do I miss out on any rewards?
A. Once you purchase a Season Pass for the current Season, you can start unlocking the tiers and rewards. You will only be able to unlock rewards from the current Season with the current Season Pass. Once the Season is over, you won't be able to unlock these rewards again so it is best to get it as soon as possible!

Q. What is the difference between the Season Pass and the Premium Pass?
A. The Season Pass is free to all players, while the Premium Pass is purchased with Star Fragments, Feral’s premium currency. The Premium Pass includes more rewards.

Q. How do I get the Premium Pass?
A. You can purchase the Premium Pass with Star Fragments from within the Season Pass Menu (accessible through the Purple Ticket icon in the upper right-hand corner) or Astral Shop, (accessible through the Blue Constellation icon in the upper right-hand corner).

Q. What are Star Fragments?
A. Star Fragments can be used to unlock the Premium Pass or other premium items in the Astral Shop!

Q. Why is there a Season Pass system in
A. The Season Pass adds an additional layer of gameplay to by giving players a collection of exciting challenges! With the Season Pass, players are encouraged to engage with the world of, and compete against each other to complete challenges and show off their rewards!

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