Star Fragments FAQ

Q. What are Star Fragments?
A. Star Fragments can be used to unlock the Premium Pass or other premium items in the Astral Shop!

Q. Can I just buy the Season Pass without having to buy Star Fragments?
A. Not at this time. Currently the Season Pass can only be purchased with Star Fragments.

Q. What's the difference between Star Fragments and Aura Points?
A. Star Fragments are a currency that can be used to get the Premium Pass and other premium items in the Astral Shop. They are purchased in the Royal Boutique. Aura Points are experience points that unlock tiers within the Season Pass. These points are earned by completing Season Pass Challenges.

Q. What if I don’t have enough Star Fragments to purchase the Premium Pass?
A. Go to the Royal Boutique to purchase more Star Fragments, accessible through the Gold Crown icon in the upper right-hand corner!

Q. Can I give my Star Fragments to other players?
A. No, you cannot trade or gift Star Fragments to other players.

Q. Can I earn Star Fragments without having to purchase them?
A. Not at this time.

Q. I purchased something earlier and now it’s cheaper, can I get a refund?
A. All purchases are final, regardless of their price fluctuating.

Q. Can I buy Season Pass Ranks with Star Fragments?
A. Yes, but you will have to buy all ranks up to the one you want to unlock. For example, if you are on Rank 1 and want to buy Rank 10, you will need to buy Ranks 2 - 9 first. The Star Fragments cost on Rank 10 in the menu will be adjusted to include the cost of any locked ranks before it. 

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