Premium Pass FAQ

Q. What is the difference between the Season Pass and the Premium Pass?
A. The Season Pass is free to all players, while the Premium Pass is purchased with Star Fragments, Feral’s premium currency. The Premium Pass includes more rewards.

Q. How do I get the Premium Pass?
A. You can purchase the Premium Pass with Star Fragments from within the Season Pass Menu (accessible through the Purple Ticket icon in the upper right-hand corner) or Astral Shop, (accessible through the Blue Constellation icon in the upper right-hand corner).

Q. What are Star Fragments?
A. Star Fragments can be used to unlock the Premium Pass or other premium items in the Astral Shop!

Q. What if I get the pass later in the Season? Do I miss out on any rewards?
A. Reward tiers are not time-locked, so no matter when you get the current Season Pass, you can start unlocking all 100 tiers!

Q. If I buy a Premium Pass now, do I get discounts on future Premium Passes?
A. No, but we are always looking for ways to improve the Season Pass offering!

Q. Why should I buy a Premium Pass?
A. The Premium Pass offers more rewards to unlock and more value for your play time!

Q. I purchased the Premium Pass but didn’t get any items.
A. Purchasing the Premium Pass unlocks the ability to earn more Tier rewards in game, but does NOT immediately grant you each reward. You still have to complete Challenges and earn Aura Points to progress through each Tier. 

Q. How do I get a refund on a Premium Pass?
A. All sales are FINAL. No refunds.

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