Challenges and Aura Points

Q. What are Season Pass Challenges?
A. Challenges are tasks you can complete during a Season that award Aura Points so you can unlock tiers in the Season Pass. You can see your progress in the Notifications window at the top of the screen.

Q. How do I get more Challenges?
A. As you complete Challenges, more will be unlocked. Keep in mind that some may be more challenging than others but will offer a greater amount of Aura Points!

Q. What are Aura Points?
A. Aura Points are experience points that unlock tiers within the Season Pass. They are automatically applied to the next tier once you complete them.

Q. Can I purchase Aura Points?
A. No, you can't buy Aura Points, but you can buy Season Pass ranks! Click on a Rank you would like to purchase and you'll see an option to spend Star Fragments to purchase that Rank and any subsequent Ranks before it.

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