Fer.al Mobile FAQ

Q - Which Mobile devices can I play Fer.al on for Early Access?
A - *You must be on a strong wi-fi network. This game will not work with Cellular data.*
A - Any Android device of version 10 or higher that is compatible with the Vulkan API and at least 4GB of RAM should work. Unfortunately there are far too many Android devices to list them all! 
A - Any Apple device that can run iOS 13 or above.

Q - Is there anything different on Mobile vs Desktop?
A - Functionally, there are no differences between the Mobile and Desktop versions of Fer.al. However, there are a few minor adjustments to how Fer.al displays depending on which device you use, particularly when making our Minigames easier to interact with. Note that What the Hex, Dizzywing Dispatch, and Twiggle Builders may be difficult to play on smaller mobile devices.

Q - Android - My purchase of
Star Fragments didn’t show. What do I do?

A - If you’re not seeing your purchase right away, first make sure please close out the game completely and reload. Check your payment source (credit card etc) to verify that your transaction went through. 

Q - iOS - My purchase of Star Fragments didn’t show. What do I do?
A -
If you need assistance with an iTunes purchase, please contact Apple Support at https://support.apple.com/en-us/

If you're sure you were charged on Android or iOS and your purchase is still missing after an hour has passed, please contact us here for more assistance https://support.fer.al/hc/en-us/requests/new

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