Technical Errors

These are some known errors you may see while playing and possible solutions:

  • Critical Error (10) - Game asset failed to load - you will be logged out of the game and redirected to the login page. Simply logging in again should correct the issue, but if your network is spotty then there is a chance it make take several attempts to get back into the game.
  • Can't Login (1008) - Means you're not connecting to the server for what ever reason. This is usually due to a poor or limited network, poor device reception/connection, or attempting to access the game server via a VPN, Proxy, or other type of blocker service. Try and use a different network and/or device.
  • 9-1 Unknown Designation - This one can occur with any overloaded menu, gathering node, or decals. We are not 100% sure what is causing this error. We believe that this too is due to network issues and the amount of information the server is trying to pull at any given time. When it bottlenecks, it disconnects you.
      • Note: When it occurs in the decal menu, some players have been able to remove some decals to prevent it from happening.
      • You can also try connecting to a different network or device, but it may continue to happen.
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